Pickup & Delivery Laundry Pricing

Commercial Laundry Service - Request Quote, Below!

Commercial Laundry Pickup

  • All commercial items will be treated with COVID-19 approved disinfectant detergent.¬†
  • Gowns, sheets, towels, blankets, massage therapist items, rags, mops, etc.
  • $30 minimum order
  • Complete the form below for volume pricing

Towel Services

  • Specifically for fitness studios, salons, etc.
  • 100 towels per week starting at $30. Complete the forms below for volume pricing.

Other Commercial Items:

  • Please complete form below for personalized quote

Residential Laundry Service Starting at $1.02/lb.

Residential Laundry RED BAG!

  • Residential items will be treated with COVID-19 approved disinfectant detergent, upon request.
  • Utilize our FREE ¬†program!
    • FREE 40 lb. laundry bag (for recurring customers)
    • $39 price per bag, to have laundry completed
    • Price includes; ZWash Detergent, wash, dry, fold, pickup, deliver and a laundry bag

Residential Laundry $1.02/lb.

  • Don't have 40 lbs. of laundry? NO PROBLEM!
  • Utilize our laundry per lb. program!
  • $30 minimum order



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