Breathe in the Scent of Fresh, Clean Clothes

Start a load at our laundromat located in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO

You don't need to spend all that money on a home washing machine when you could be using your local laundromat. ZWash houses plenty of washing machines and dryers for you to use whenever you need them. Spend an afternoon getting your clothes cleaned while you entertain yourself at Lucky Z's, our miniature casino.

ZWash is home to the Lucky Cycle. If you put a quarter in the right machine at the right time, you can get the rest of your wash free. This happens every 50 cycles. Will you be a winner today?

Call (844) 449-9274 now to learn more about our laundromat in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO.

Use our state-of-the-art machines for self-service laundry

Don't want our staff touching your clothes? No problem. Our wash, dry and fold service is completely optional. You're more than welcome to use our self-service laundry machines. When you visit our laundromat, you'll find:

Up-to-date appliances | Steam clean machines | Speed clean machines

Come to one of our self-service laundry locations in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO today.

Why should you wash your clothes at ZWash?

You have options besides coins here. You can use your debit or credit card to pay for your washer and dryer service. Our machines track your purchases, and you get every 10th wash free.

ZWash captures the lucky feeling of finding money in your laundry load. That's why we have the Lucky Cycle, and that's why we keep slot machines right next door. Feeling lucky? It might be time to grab your laundry and take a shot.

Visit our laundromat in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO now to discover for yourself why so many people love doing laundry here.

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    202 W Main Cross Street
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