Wash Your Clothes With Ease

Wash Your Clothes With Ease

Start a rinse cycle at our laundromat in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO

Whether you’re washing blankets, sweaters or delicates, you can take care of all your laundry at one of our laundromat locations. ZWash exists to provide everyone with an easy way to wash and dry their clothes.

With our multitude of washers and dryers, you won’t have to wait long for an open one. We have:

  • 22 dryers in Quincy, IL
  • 19 washers in Quincy, IL
  • 14 dryers in Palmyra, MO
  • 11 washers in Palmyra, MO

Call 217-919-2208 today with questions about our laundromat in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO.

Carry your laundry basket to our coin laundry machines

Why spend a ton of money on a washer or dryer that keeps breaking down? It’s easier to visit a nearby laundromat and use our coin laundry machines to wash your clothing.

Our washers extract water from your clothes, making the drying process go much faster. You’ll be in and out in under 45 minutes, and you’ll be comfortable the whole time you’re waiting. You can watch television while you wait or spend time at our bar and lounge if you visit our Quincy location.

Come to one of our coin laundry locations in Quincy, IL or Palmyra, MO.